Monday, December 26, 2011


This morning I enjoyed my orange juice in my new Indiana Whitehall vintage tumbler! I'm all about the Indiana Glassware Company. I've searched for at least 50 years for drinking glasses but none match the groovy charm of the vintage ones. I'm sure it's a throw-back to childhood but nonetheless, I just absolutely love them. My mom gave me a set of four like the ones in this picture. And they have this wonderful weight in your hand, substantial. When I unpacked them this morning for breakfast, the Mr. said, "Hey! Those are so cool, we had those when I was a kid!"

So my plan is to keep an eye out and add another 4 in the olive green color. And yes, I am using them. I have a few things put away for only very special moments but overall, I like to use what I have. And speaking of use, next on my list is a set of Melmac dishware. You've seen Melmac even if you weren't aware, it's plastic dinnerware that very likely someone in your life was using in the 1960s or 1970s. There are some nice sets on line that are not overly expensive but the shipping is where the money is. I'm going to squirrel away a little money here and there and treat myself. In truth, even with shipping the cost of a complete vintage set is less than a new set would be. I know it's a peculiar decorating taste I have! On the one hand, it's best described as mid-century but it's not the "modern" mid-century that is actually popular! Think of (I know I've said this before!) Lucy in Connecticut. This was very much the feeling of my Gramma's decorating style, probably best described as early American? But farm-housey casual too. Let's be honest, only I truly know what in the world I'm trying to say. And possibly my mom. So! I'm online window shopping and dreaming of these little details that really are so happy-making for me. Probably the only vintage item that I won't use? Coffee cups! Good grief they are small, only 6 ounces! I have a set from my Grandma Trent's house that I claimed out of her basement but they just don't hold enough coffee! They are cute for a scoop of ice cream though.

I'm happily home from work for a whole week with nothing on my mind but homemaking and daydreaming. And of course, a nice tall glass of juice in my Indiana Whitehall amber gold tumbler.


Margie said...

I have melmac plates! and bowl! they don't match my kitchen anymore but until I find something I am in love with... I'm keeping them!

Pat said...

Searching for fifty years is a long time...makes you almost as old as your mother. Thats amazing!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely glasses, I had tose years ago,do not know what happened to them!