Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things to do when you're home sick

1. Try to recall if Elizabeth Taylor is dead or alive. Check Wiki, confirm she is dead.
2. Order your own birthday gifts online and inform people they owe you money for their purchase.
3. Read a book about how to prevent children from becoming sociopaths.
4. Check the quality of the stuff you cough up for progress.
5. Sit in every seat in the family room.
6. Lay on left side to make sinus congestion drain to the right; reverse.
7. Try to sit on the back porch, realize it's too chilly, come back inside, sit in every seat in the family room.
8. Reread home decorating magazines that you knew you kept for a reason and be glad you did.
9. Send a barrage of e mails to people at work with every thought that crosses your mind and wonder why no one is answering you and then realize they are actually working.
10. Redecorate your entire house and landscape your entire yard and redecorate the homes of your entire family...inside your mind.

1 comment:

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I will have to remember to make a time I am sick.
Glad you are feeling better.8~)