Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Photographic Journey To Nowhere

What follows is a series of relatively unrelated photographs that I just felt like sharing! 
Red dress and brown pant suit for your consideration...I have two events to attend during nurse's week (starts May 7.)  On May 8 I am attending the Clara Ford awards banquet at Henry Ford Hospital.  This is the Henry Ford version of the Nightingale award celebrating excellence in nursing.  I was nominated by Behavioral Health for this award and although I did not win at the system level, I will be sharing more about how exciting this is for you and me next week.  On May 11, I am attending the Nightingale awards (for which I was not nominated!)  This is an event for all nurses, not limited to the Henry Ford system.  So which do I wear to which?  I'm actually having second thoughts about the red dress all together.  I love it, but I think another pant suit might be a better choice.  There's a gray one at J.C. Penney that's very cute and the same price.  I'll not get a whole lot of use out of the dress, I just don't wear dresses that often.  Also, I think the red dress would be adorable with black espadrilles which are not appropriate for either event any how.  The gray suit would be useful for work.
So it's time to cast your vote!  Red dress, brown pant suit, gray pant suit.  Clara Ford awards, Nightingale awards.  Which ensemble, which event?
Third in the photographic line-up is my new double-decker drink dispenser.  Ain't it fabulous?  I ordered it from Joss & Main.  With a coupon, it was $36 with shipping included.  The two cubes are separate pieces that stack so they fit in the fridge side by side.  P.S., also fit into the dishwasher!
Finally we have my birthday gift from Daboyz, my new Vera Bradley purse.  If you think I was picturing it with the red dress, you are correct.  This, I do believe, is the first name brand purse I have ever owned.  I have been forever in search of a purse I liked for less than $10.  Let me just give you some insight, it doesn't exist.  But isn't this sweet?  I now find myself spending a lot of time on the Vera Bradley sight admiring all the yummy fabrics! 
So there you have it.  A series of photographs that have very little to do with one another and nothing to do with you.  However, it is too early in Michigan to plant flowers so I have no yard photos to post.  This is all I've got!

Red dress

Brown pant suit with green shell

Double decker drink dispenser, iced tea on top and lemonade on the bottom.  The two pieces stack so you can fit them individually in the cute is this?

Vera Bradley purse...birthday gift from Daboyz! 


Pat said...

I agree, return the red dress for a pantsuit, you'll get more use out of it. Although...that dress is very cute. OK, keep it AND buy another pantsuit.
Glad I could help.

Trish said...

Who doesn't need a little Red Dress!?
You know I prefer dresses and skirts. The Pant Suit and Purse are both super cute but what I covet, shamelessly covet is...the stackable drink dispensers! Love them...would you be upset if I was a copy cat? Lol. Love you a bushel and a peck!

JessicaChubb said...

Absolutely keep the red dress! All women look lovely in red. And that little red dress would be adorable in the summer time with a pair of cute strappy sandals for a day date with your man. The pant suit is cute as well. But certainly keep the dress. :) Something about a wife wearing a dress that makes her husband a happy man.