Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Blog Friend,

How many times a week do you log in to Blogger and sit there hoping for something wonderful to pop into your mind and onto the screen? I do that a lot. And I remember back to the time when I posted every single day. Back in the beginning of blogging, shortly after Lewis & Clark discovered whatever it was they discovered, Disney World I believe it was.
I would write and write and write and write so much that I had posts saved just waiting for a moment to share them.
Now? Now I write lots of posts inside my head that I cannot remember when I actually get to a keyboard. Or I start to write them and think "Well, that's a load of bull jive!" Or they seem very important and then the next day when I consider clicking the "post" button I realize they are reruns of previous posts. Perhaps I am not so prolific as I once was?
I think blogging is good for us, it's a journal and a way to reach out beyond our small worlds and find friends beyond the fence lines of our lives. For introverted me, that's a lovely thing. And I also think that I've sort of caught up with myself. All of the profound thoughts (insert hysterical laughter with snorting sound here) I had bouncing around in my fevered mind have found there way to the "page" of my blog.
I've learned a lot about myself and I'll be honest, I've reread some of my posts and learned to like myself a little bit more. Seriously. I've looked at my heart in black and white and realized, I like my heart! Taking the daily stuff like eating too much, bad hair and the like and putting it in the context of my "greater" thoughts has given me a kind of balance I'd not found before.
My blog has also given me a place to vent. Do you use your blog for this? The particularly ugly venting, like fights (not disagreements but fights) with the Mr. that I am furious about and considering ugly ways to teach him a lesson. Those are in my blog. If you're wondering where those juicy posts are, they are saved. Never posted. Usually they are deleted within a day or two, when I go back and realize I no longer feel the need to suffocate him in his sleep and I delete those angry words. Sometimes I leave them there, saved. Why? Because it's my blog and I do.
I think blogging has helped me to grow and to relax. To find friends who think somewhat the way I do. I can go blog hopping to find inspiration, whether it be home decorating or spiritual food. When I share a prayer request, I feel a deep sense of peace that those who visit me here will take my needs to the Lord.
On occasion I will receive a comment from someone I didn't know was out there reading and I am newly inspired and's like having friends I haven't met yet.
I love blogs. Facebook is just a thought in passing and blogs are a visit on the back porch. Twitter? Twitter is just craziness. :)
Pinterest makes my brain hurt. I don't know why I felt the need to share that but when I go on Pinterest I wish I had some kind of electronic Ritalin to upload.
But blogs? Blogs are like old fashioned letters written on pretty stationary. Pictures enclosed. Recipes, heart ache, silly stories, lessons from heaven.
Much of the world of technologyI dislike but I love blogs.
For those of you who visit, I thank you. I've come to realize that I have friends beyond the comment box who are praying with me, laughing with me, living alongside me. I love that.
For those of you who blog as well, I thank you. I love peeking into your life. And being an introvert, I love that I can do that from my own home ;)


Lori Alexander said...

I was just sharing this same sentiment with my daughter yesterday. I also love reading blogs and writing for my blog. I learn from others. I don't care for pinterest much either...too many pictures, never got into tweeting, and facebook doesn't teach me much. I love learning and I learn lots from other bloggers!

Jada's Gigi said...

I share almost all your same sentiments...for different reasons completely...haha...but there is a sameness still. blogs are indeed a whole other thing....a wonderful thing! Like you I am not so prolific these days...but I would like to be again maybe....and like you...when I reread some of my posts...I like me a little better...:) so glad we met in blogland!

Mrs. Mac said...

My very favorite 'rerun' is
"Smith Happens" .. :)

Pat said...

Did she say "Smith Happens"? Yes Mrs. Mac...that is a classic!

Debra said...

I surely do love peeking into your life, too! :) Blessings, Debra