Saturday, April 28, 2012

And 6 days later she posts...

1.  I had a really busy week with a couple of days that simply refused to end.
2. I slept last night for nine hours without any medication!
3. I am NO LONGER WORKING WEEKENDS!! Praise the Lord!
4. The Mr. and the family are having a burfday party for me tomorrow.
5. I ate ribs for dinner last night wearing a white bathrobe.  Guess what happened?
6. A few of my flowers bloomed and now it's below freezing and threatening to snow. Argh!
7. I had the opportunity to attend an autism workshop this week, what a great experience.
8. Can you believe I need black dress shoes and could not find a single appropriate pair at Famous Footwear?  Seriously, who is wearing these nine inch heels and why don't their mothers tell them they look ridiculous?
9. My friend who is experiencing a high risk pregnancy just had her ultrasound with genetics...healthy baby boy!
10. Ok, I gotta go have some coffee.  Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

Margie said...

I'd recommend JCPenney for the shoes. I love worthington brand