Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm all right; don't nobody worry 'bout me.

Good grief.
I've been sick for 2 weeks! But this morning I do believe I have turned a corner; finally. I'm coughing but my throat doesn't hurt. It was so sore I could only tolerate ice cold liquids. My head doesn't hurt. My muscles don't hurt. I slept well, thank you Nyquil.
At midnight last night we had the dreaded phone ringing that makes your heart stop. Although I was so Nyquiled that mine really just sort of sped up for a few beats. Mac, on his way home from work and had a flat. A flat flat destroyed flat. Thank the Lord he was closer to home than work, he works in a rather dangerous area. A flat tire on Southfield in Dearborn is much preferable to on one 8 Mile.
The Mr. went to pick him up because whoever owned the truck before Mac put wheel locks on but failed to mention that or supply the key to them. He couldn't get the tire off to change it. So it sits on the shoulder of Southfield and Warren (we pray it still sits there!) and a tow truck is on the way now to take it to Belle Tire.
I had a doctor's appointment that I had to cancel so Mac can have my truck to go meet the tow truck at his truck to follow it to the tire store. Are you keeping up with this? Riveting, I know.
My appointment was actually my annual gyn check-up which now has been pushed back to June. However, I will go to my family practice doc when Mac gets back since I no longer presume that this creeping crud is truly gone. It's a very sneaky crud it is.
I am not as frustrated as I sound. I well remember the moment in my life when we didn't have tow coverage on our insurance since we couldn't afford any bells and whistles. When the cost of replacing a tire would've sent us over the edge and probably caused a late house payment.
Even my current creeping crud could be worse. A few years ago, as a floor nurse, I would've had to call in because I couldn't do direct patient care. In my position now, I was able to still go and work out of my office. I would've rather been home but still, wasn't forced to take a medical leave.
It probably seems like these Pollyanna posts are pretty common-place but I do try to make a point of acknowledging that God watches over his children. I think the best antidote to melancholy is to look for his hand in the middle of the storm, whether it's a quick downpour or a hurricane.

Update: Mac is home and his truck is safely parked at Belle Tire waiting for a new tire. Remember my mention that he works in an unsafe area? His low tire light came on just as he drove past this intersection at about 11:45 last night...Click here.

Mac says his attitude just changed from "What a rotten night." to "What a good night."


Pat said...

A flat tire is a bummer, but a flat tire on 8 Mile at midnight is a horror story! Thank God for his protection.
Now go to the doctor!

Jada's Gigi said...

Big amen!! Sorry bout the tire but I'm with you on the thankful for towing and $$ to buy new tires....that is where I am living these days too...but it has not always been so!

Margie said...


I too understand the 'what could have caused a late house payment' to a thank You Lord for everything post!

The other day I dropped $70 in my tank and sent up a 'thank You Lord' because i remember a time when I scrapped up $1.84 to get home from wherever I was and had no money.