Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The eyelash

Have you ever had an eyelash in your eye? It absolutely drives me nuts. It's impossible to ignore. Even when it happens in a meeting, I have to excuse myself and go to the restroom and get that sucker out.
It makes my eye watery, it hurts, it itches. The discomfort of that tiny little eyelash basically shuts down my entire body and becomes all that I can focus on until it's gone. I can't even think about anything except getting that eye lash out of my eye.
That's what sin is like. It's a tiny tiny thing that we convince ourselves is inconsequential in the big picture. But it attaches itself to our soul and affects everything about who we are. We are not able to function in all of the beauty that God created us to reflect with that tiny thing.
At first we try to ignore the eye lash. No one but us knows it's there. But it doesn't take long until your eye is watery and red and you're rubbing it. Before you know it, someone is asking if you have something in your eye.
That eyelash won't just float away. We have to remove it.
Sin is the same way. It won't just float away with time and although we think we've ignored it, our soul is gasping, "There's something wrong."
It has to be removed intentionally and with a careful and steady hand. And when it's finally gone? Oh the relief, it's almost impossible to describe!
Whatever situation you are in, it's time to excuse yourself and seek the loving hand of God to remove the eyelash on your soul.
After that, the person in the mirror will look more beautiful than you ever imagined.

Matthew 7:5