Sunday, April 01, 2012

Kitchen cabinets

This picture is a few years old but what I wanted to show you was my kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are old, I'd guess 239 years old. Well, maybe a little less old than that but they are old. They are the cabinets that were in the kitchen when my grandparents bought the house in 1972. They were stained a deep walnut until a few years ago when we painted them this creamy yummy off-white. I'm a fan of a creamy yummy off-white kitchen. White subway tiles would be awesome but these standard square tiles are already creamy white so it would be money unnecessarily spent for the overall look I'm looking for. And what look is that?

Suburban bungalow cottage farm.

Google that and see what you find.

It's Spring time and as the old saying goes, "Spring time turns a chubby middle aged woman's heart to thoughts of home & garden."

It's a little too chilly and gray and wet to do the outside stuff swirling around in my fevered mind so I'm thinking inside thoughts. Today's cabinets.

I say fear not the kitchen cabinets! The Mr., given his way and a bottomless wallet, would gut the kitchen and replace my painted cabinets with brand new cabinets in a creamy yummy off white. I say pish posh! These cabinets are very likely of higher quality than what's on the market today, they are the cabinets of my childhood (were I any more sentimental I'd be forcing daboyz to sit in their old high chairs. Yes, I still have their old high chair.)

If you aren't convinced that these cabinets are a part of the very bones of my house, consider this. They came with the place. No extra money to keep the cabinets. And I love the creamy yummy off white but ya know what? Lately I've been thinking of painting them again. I'm thinking of a sagey green on the bottom and creamy yummy off white on the top! What do you think of that?

I'll tell you what the Mr. thinks, he thinks if it isn't displayed at the Lowe's it shouldn't be done. But I think there are no rules when it comes to these things. If I want to paint each door a different color, I will. Hmmm, each door a different color. That might be fun. Anyway...

I don't know that this painting of the cabinets will be happening in the immediate future, or ever. But I'm thinking about it. This, friends and neighbors, is why I don't regret keeping the old kitchen cabinets. I'd be hesitant to paint brand new ones but not these.

I have a few old end tables that are crying out for a wacky paint job too. I'll let you know how that goes.

P.S., please don't tell the Mr. about my plan. These things work better if I take him by surprise.


Mrs. Mac said...

You have great taste .. the Mr. will get 'over' it. I'll try to contain my insider trader knowledge and not mention it on your joint venture FB page ;)

Margie said...

when you google Suburban bungalow cottage farm you blog comes up :)