Monday, April 02, 2012


Raise your hand if you love cement garden furniture! I love love love it! It's as durable as cement! My grandparents had a cement bird bath when they lived here but a careless lawn mower guy knocked it over and broke the base. Summer number one of our residence, I got a cement birdbath replacement. It doesn't need to be put away during the winter, it just gets more mellow and lovely every year. I also bought a large cement flower pot of my own last year. A person really needs to choose exactly where they want a large cement flower pot to live and commit. Or a person's Mr. will be grouchy when a person wants it moved about.

I also have the cement flower pots that my grampa used. Yes, they are worn and chipped. That's part of what reminds a person that they are old.

This cement chicken & baby were on The Farm. Loooove them!

And this year, on my cement wish list, is a cement garden bench. I think I would like to put it under the large flowering bush on the south fence. They have them at Lowe's, $50. Yes, I have already been cement garden bench shopping.

After the bench, I may be done with my cement collection. I don't know why I love it so much other than it is familiar and lasting. You can paint it or leave it its natural gray-white. It just looks better as it gets a little chippy around the edges. I think every house should have a cement something in the yard.
It says, "Yes, something permanent lives here. Come take a seat and let the past wash over you."

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Pat said...

Now all you need is a ceeement pond!