Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well, I'm grounded. Harumph!
Went to work yesterday and coughed all day long. My co workers have respectfully requested I work from home today. Indeed! Something about needing to rest and not getting everybody else sick. Pish posh.
Status update: coughing up thick brown crud (I can post a pic if you'd like, put your requests in the comment box.) Head and back hurt a bit, I think that's just from the coughing. No fever! Throat hurts, again could be from the coughing. Rungy nose (rungy is a clinical term for you lay people out there.) The nose stuff is much lighter than the lung stuff. Again, pics available upon request. I feel better than a few days ago, sleeping well-thank you Nyquil.
Did I ever tell you about the patient with tuberculosis that spit in my mouth a few months ago? My TB screening was negative, however, I am still claiming TB. Really decreases the amount of people who want to hang out with me, win-win. In case you're wondering how that happened, and since I have nothing to do until my 9:00 phone in meeting, I shall tell you the story of the TB spit.
A mental health tech asked me to assess a patient who appeared to have a spider bite on his forearm. I was doing a head to toe assessment and checking the patient's feet and ankles for swelling. So the patient was sitting on his bed and I was squatting in front of him and talking to him when he spit in my mouth. Not intentionally, just one of those spitty loud talkers. Just as I realize he spit in my mouth, the doctor walks in and says, "That's not a spider bite, that's a TB skin test. Looks positive!"
Happily I'm not a germophobe or that could've triggered a stress leave. Instead, I'm on a TB leave. Not really. But maybe. But not really.
This whole episode would be a lot more fun if I could be out planting flowers or herbs or even spring cleaning. Not quite up to that and when one is home sick, one is presumed to not be landscaping one's berm.
Ah well, ongoing prayer is much appreciated. As I said, I don't feel as poorly as I did but I need to be back to 100% and at work and feeling productive.
Much more of this sitting around and I may just go ahead and post those pics of my sputum sample.


Pat said...

Dear Lord!

Jada's Gigi said...

LOL! What Pat said!!

Margie said...

ohmyword! praying!