Saturday, January 12, 2013

A list and also, some rambling...

My sister's family returns from Mexico this evening where they went to celebrate the wedding of their daughter, Sarah to Tim.  Yay! Tomorrow morning I'm having a small brunch for the family to welcome them home.  Since they got married on a beach I wanted to include a few small details to remind them of that.  Also, they have a little boy named Mason.  So....being NOT a Martha Stewart attention to details kind of woman, here's what I've come up with...

1.  Plates, dessert plates and napkins in robin's egg blue with black filigree trim.
2.  Ya know those big pompon ball things you can get to hang from the ceiling?  Yeah, got some of them in robin's egg blue too!
3.  Robin's egg blue table cloths.
4.  "Just married" decorations for the fireplace mantle.
5.  Candles:  Mason jars (for baby Mason) filled with sand and crushed seashells, water and topped with a floating blue candle.
6.  Waffles with a topping made of fresh pineapples, rum and brown sugar.
7.  Sparkling grape juice mimosas.
8.  Thick cut bacon (having nothing to do with beaches, just delicious.)
9.  Fresh fruit salad with pina colada mix dressing.
10. Little bags of coffee as take-homes that have "Love is brewing" printed on them.

My mom is contributing a breakfast casserole and a small wedding cake from Roberto's bakery (we demand wedding cake!) 

Mac's girl Susan (who I've quickly come to depend upon!) is coming over this afternoon to lend a hand because Mason is coming over to wait for mama and daddy's return this evening and is back early in the morning to help with the cooking and final prep. 

I really need to find my camera because if this turns out as charming as it looks inside my head, it'll really be a miracle! 

Gotta run!  Hair appointment in an hour, a few final errands to run and Mason arriving by 2:00. 

Did I mention that our 2 year old Mission bed (ya know, made out of oak?)  broke?  Yup!  Side rail (not center support rails) split lengthwise from head to foot of the bed.  Ordered metal replacement rails because you can't get the wooden woods which really frustrates me.  Waited two days for delivery and they were the wrong size.  Now waiting again for delivery after two hours on the phone with Art Van explaining that we really can't wait until Tuesday of next week to have our bed back since I'm having surgery on Monday and will be on bed rest more or less for a week and we are currently sleeping with our mattress on the floor.  So they are supposed to be in after 1:00 today.   I'm planning a brunch, having surgery and have a mattress in my living room. 

P.S. No, nothing particularly spectacular was happening in the bed when it broke.  Other than I was sleeping, which on second thought, is spectacular and much more rare than other activities ;)


Diane said...

It seems you and Susan have become fast friends....GOOD! Of course, I cannot imagine anyone who could not and would not be friends with you!

The brunch plans sound wonderful. I know you will all have a beautiful day. Isn't it wonderful what one little person can add to a family gathering?! Oh, and I tried that Pina Colada Fresh Fruit Salad. It was delicious! I took it to church for a meal and everyone loves it!

Oh my word! They just don't make things the way they once did! Praying those bed/mattress people get all resolved so you can (a) get good rest on these last nights prior to your surgery and (b) your surgery is successful and you heal unimaginablly (sp?) quick manner!

I love you,sweet Sara!

Mrs. Mac said...

You do have a busy and exciting weekend (not to say getting ready for surgery is exciting .. but praying the end result will be excellent). My motto the past ten years is not to buy NEW furniture! The stuff in the junk stores is much more durable as it was probably made with pride and to last for your entire life. I do hope the mattress moves into the bedroom today .. xxx