Saturday, January 26, 2013

Status post~

Today I have to bite the bullet and leave the house!  I am in the final few days of wearing a surgical bra and the next step is front closure sports bras for a few months.  Of course, as it always is, when you need something specific it's hard to find.  I did an online search for what I need just to see which stores are my best bet and I wasn't encouraged.  Of course, every single item in every single store isn't listed online.  We shall see!  Going to start at Target because I need a few cosmetics and then Sears because they have a large intimates department.  From there, if I haven't gotten what I need, I'll sit in the car and cry and then figure out what's next!
I'm have quite a lot of pain at my drain sites.  Please pray for that as it is interfering with my already fragile sleeping habits.  I have lots of swelling under my arms as well which means I am still unable to lay in any position other than on my back with my arms on pillows.  Technically I can sleep on my sides now but it's too painful.  The swelling is decreasing and my incisions all look good, it's just part of the recovery from a significant surgery.
I am still looking at returning to work on Monday but I'm not as far along as I'd hoped to be.  I'm very slow in my movements (which is sooooo frustrating) and I have almost no stamina.  I make the bed in the mornings and then I have to lay down for 30 minutes to recover. I know that you don't start recovering until you just start doing.  Today will be a good experiment in getting out of the house and around town.  I may do better than I think I will, fingers crossed!
Along those lines, I'm going to force myself to actually put on make up and do my hair before I leave the house.  That's also something that often makes one start to feel better; fake it till you make it and all that!
The Mr. just came in with a McDonald's oatmeal for me and since it takes me a lifetime to get around, I had better start my to do list.  Sooner begun, sooner back home and into my flannel pajamas. 

Update: Home from my exhausting 2 hour shopping spree!  I picked up about a half dozen sport bras because I just wasn't up to trying on each one in the store.  I'll sort through them, choose the best 2 and the rest will go back.  As for the front closure requirement, that's near impossible.  I found 2 out of millions (that's right, millions) with front closures.  My sister tells me there's no getting a front closing sport bra so I'll have to just put it on the floor, step into it and pull it up.  That should be sexy.  Also, I have no idea why anyone keeps reading this ridiculous blog :)

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Mari said...

I love reading your blog (And your Moms too). I don't comment all the time, but I'm here. Glad you are doing better - praying you are back to normal soon!