Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Praise Report!

Anybody remember the days of the "praise report?"  I'm so old, that was a cool phrase when I was in youth group at old Mamre Assembly of God! 
I was thinking that I should come up with a post but have nothing to say when it came to me...praise report!
The Mr. and I had a wonderful time on our overnight adventure to Frankenmuth.  We enjoyed the chicken dinner at Zhenders and did some window shopping but mostly, just relaxed. 
This is my last week of work before my medical leave for my breast reduction on Monday.  As I shared a few posts back, I have repented of my ungracious and ungrateful attitude toward my job and have been working on letting the Holy Spirit have reign over my perception.  I'm happy to offer this praise report, I'm having a really good week at work.
That's it.
Not that anything amazing has happened or changed, just feeling good.  Feeling productive, capable and thankful for my job.  Jesus makes all the difference.  Even when we know Him, have surrendered our lives to Him and acknowledge Him as our Savior; there's always more of him to seek and to find. 
I had a to-do list as long as my arm for this week and it's moving right along...check-check-check!  I love checking off stuff on a list.  I started on Monday by cleaning my office which had turned into an unaired Hoarders episode and boy oh boy, does it feel better.  Being that Monday was only yesterday, I feel like I'm really moving! 
Mac started nursing school yesterday.  I'm not seeing much of him as he's staying at my sister's house dog sitting while she's in Mexico celebrating the wedding of her daughter.  We're mostly playing text tag and having quick conversations on the phone.  Still, a praise worth raising. 
And of course, there's the wedding!  God bringing two people together in the sacred love that models His love for us, His bride.  Marriage, love love love marriage. 
Jay is doing great, he's happy and simply a pretty awesome adult despite having been raised by us.  Definitely worthy of praise!
Donny got a fuzzy guy from Santa which he immediately took outside and lost.  Yesterday he came charging back in with his guy in his mouth!  Yay!  From a dog's perspective, that's praise-worthy.
And the Mr., my sweet sweet Mr.  I have been so blessed to have this man in my life.  We have not always seen everything eye to eye; not always appreciated that sacred love God has given us.  But those impossible standards my parents demanded were worth every frustrating moment because what they ultimately required was a man after God's own heart.  Nothing less would do, not even for a "simple date."  It was entirely unreasonable.  Then again, isn't the grace and goodness of God exactly that-unreasonable?  If we pursued only what was reasonable, how small and dark life would be.
So, there's my praise report! 


Pat said...

Good's goodness makes me want to start shouting!

Jada's Gigi said...

He is worthy of praise! and you have some great things on your list worthy of praising Him for! May your week and your life continue to be so blessed!

Diane said...

I am so encouraged after reading your blog post for today. Praise has been hard for me over the past several days. It's an uncomfortable place for me because it is not who I usually am. So today, this moment, I begin anew and offer praise for the most simple of God's gifts....life. The very thing which has made praise difficult now is the object of my own praise report. I am thankful I am alive, with the knowledge and understanding of God that allows me to praise Him in the midst of the storm. Now, there's even more to praise Him for, hidden within my own praise statement........knowledge and understanding of HIM! I love you, dear Sara. I love your spirit and your availability to the Lord. You are a blessing in my life and I also praise God for YOU!

Mrs. Mac said...

Donny was just getting his fuzzy guy 'seasoned' out in the yard. Your post IS praise worthy. Lots going on. Praise HIM, praise HIM .. praise HIM in the morning .. at noon time and when the sun goes down .. (condensed).

Becky said...

love your praise report!

Margie said...


I too have changed my attitude at work! Speak life!!

It's catchy!!

Saeed Zia said...

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