Thursday, January 24, 2013

Head and shoulders, knees and breasts

Goodness, I've been away so long I've gotten over missing the internet and now wonder if I want to re enter!  Oh, I miss you all and enjoy our visits but I won't lie, I have enjoyed the low tech nature of the last few weeks.  Lots of reading in front of the fire and sipping tea quietly.  The Holy Spirit has been good company and I've learned that when I get still enough, He reveals so much in the world around me that soothes and sweetens life.  Just laying in bed and listening to the wind chimes in the winter wind was entertainment enough for me as I have recovered from my breast reduction on the 14th.
I went to the surgeon's office yesterday for my post op visit and he removed the surgical tape.  I was convinced for a moment there that my breasts were going to fall off (one feels fragile following surgery!)  He assured me that if the right one fell off, he would leave the tape on the left one.  I'm happy to report that neither fell off (so far.)  I will remain in a surgical compression bra for another week and then wear sports bras for another month or so.  After eight weeks total, I will be able to wear a regular soft cup bra.  Of course, sleeping braless is so far in the future I'm not evening thinking about it at the moment.  Plus, my breasts could still fall off. 
I'm feeling better day by day and hoping to return to work on Monday.  If Monday was today, I couldn't do it.  But it's nearly miraculous how much difference a few days can make in recovery so I'm taking one day at a time and we'll see what Monday brings.  Today I made my own pot of coffee since I can now lift a little bit more and even put a load of laundry in the washer!  I can start to advance my range of motion bit by bit as I am able to tolerate it and over the coming days, I can increase to lifting up to 10 pounds.  I still can not do things like reach overhead and pull something out of a cabinet or pull heavy things so I have to be careful.  Sometimes I start to do something without thinking and need to slow down and be a bit more thoughtful about my actions.
There's the quick update on things so far.  I am encouraged regarding the outcome of my surgery and although I won't know how "things" will ultimately look for quite a while, I am excited about feeling more comfortable in my body and less self conscious as well as just being able to purchase clothing that will fit correctly.  And bathing suits!  I will be able to wear a bathing suit!  For those of you who don't know what life is like in a HH bra, I paid $175 for a bathing suit with an adequate bra and then had to alter it so that it was modest enough to actually wear.  My bras?  $80 each and only available online. 
Even at this early stage of hoping my breasts don't fall off and being uncomfortable and limited; I'm grateful for this surgery and the days ahead.  Thank you for your prayers during my surgery and recovery and please, don't stop!

Update on my mom:  Mom had a knee replacement on Friday and came home on Monday last.  She's in that post surgical stage which can only be described as miserable.  Everything hurts, nothing is working like it should and all of the body parts that have to compensate for the surgical site are starting to rebel.  She has asthma is is suffering with bronchial spasms as well.  Please lift her up before the Lord as He knows each and every need from head to toe.  The enemy uses these vulnerable moments to discourage our hearts but Jesus is greater than the sufferings of this world.  So pray that she will use that new knee to give the devil a swift kick in the butt!


Jada's Gigi said...

Good to "see" you up and around. Still praying for you and your mom.

Constance said...

I appreciate your sense of humor! (Your doctor's too!) As a fuller figured gal, not a HH though, I know of the "challenges" we endure, unlike our less endowed sisters. My best friend still buy her bras in the pre-teen section and of course, when she sees mine, she begins laughing hysterically! Who wants to look like a tennis ball hanging at the end of a tube sock?


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm less endowed .. and thankful. You sound chipper .. glad that procedure is over for you. Now on to swim suit weather :)