Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A True Story

Mr.:  We really have to get the basement finished.
Me:  I'm all for it.
Mr.:  I'd like to get it done because when we have grandchildren, we'll need the extra space for holidays.
Me:  Good thinking, plan ahead!
Mr.:  I'm going to clean it out, paint, put in carpet, re do the bathroom.  You know, a little at a time starting now.
Me.:  Love it!

Fifteen minutes later Mac comes in with his Ipad...

Mac:  Dad, here are the chairs you wanted me to find for the poker table.
Mr:  Not now Mac
Mac:  How many do you want?  Six?
Me:  Why do you need chairs for a poker table?
Mac:  For the basement, that's why we're working down there.
Me:  Are our grandchildren going to be running a casino?


Debra said...

Love it cuz it's so true to life. Everybody's. :) Blessings, Debra

Trish said...

Ahh...there was a method to his madness. Mac spilled the beans...next they'll be ordering cigars! LOL.

Mrs. Mac said...

LOL ... well, anyhow, anyway to get the job done on the new multi-use room. After tonight's gathering at the Mangy Moose Lodge (and no one using the basement) .. I vote you get yours done cuz it's very noisy with lots of kids running around .. and/or big uncles winding up the youngins'

Becky said...


Jada's Gigi said...

LOL! let em think that's what they are fixing it up for....;)

Diane said...

The Mr. and Mac can think whatever makes them happy; we all know the REAL reason the basement is getting remodeled, right?! Bless your Mr., he had the ball going there for a bit. Alas, Mac was his undoing! LOL!

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