Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday musings~

Good morning!  Up early to do some final house straightening and spend some time with the Lord before my surgery this afternoon.  We head to the hospital at about 11, surgery at 1:30 and it should be about 4 or so hours long. 
We've had a frustrating few days around here, just the enemy doing his best to push our buttons.  Lots of deep breaths and giving it to Jesus!  Our bed broke twice.  Finally yesterday the Mr. gave up on trying to repair our mission bed and got a plain jane bed frame so at least now I will have a bed to come home to.  Not a pretty one, but a bed! 
We had the family over for a little breakfast for the newlyweds (my niece and her hubs.)  Bed in pieces on the bedroom floor and naturally, my waffle iron croaked just as the guests were about to arrive.  My mom was having a similar morning and she called to say that the breakfast casserole she was making wasn't done and her stove seemed to be on the fritz.  That worked out well because I was able to let her know we needed her waffle iron :0
I'd post some pics of the family get together but blogger hasn't let me load pics of my own for a few weeks.  Anyone else having that problem? 
I FB'd a desperate "I'm losing it!" on the Sister's FB page and they came to the rescue, it's their speciality! 
At the end of the day it was a beautiful time with the family, we oohed and aaahed over the wedding photos from Cancun and ate lots of food and held Mason and held Mason and held Mason. 
Mac's girl Susan was a lifesaver, she did most of the planning and came over early Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to help me and then did lots of clean up in the evening.  I told her that I am planning her wedding and it should be in a beautiful old barn.  Wouldn't that be charming?  She didn't think so.  Apparently she's not much of a barn girl.  I'm working on that. 
I expect I won't be around blogger much for a few days.  I'll spend the night in the hospital and be home tomorrow for a few days of bedrest and a week of doing not much of anything including making my own meals.  Very limited range of motion for my arms and no lifting because of the sutures (I'm having a breast reduction.)  TMI alert!  I'm currently a HH bra size and going to a D.  So that's a pretty significant surgery, your prayer is appreciated.  I'll spend the night with a Foley and two drains.  The surgeon will be in early and if all is well, drains and catheter will be removed and I'll be on my way home.  Hopefully I'll be driving in a week and expected back to work in about two weeks but not allowed on the clinical floor for another month, total recovery time is six weeks.  I'll be in a surgical bra for a month and then sports bra for another month but in two months I'll be buying bras at a regular old store instead of ordering online (to the tune of $80!)  Yay!  Who wants to go bra shopping? 
My mom's second knee replacement is on Friday, so please be in prayer for her as well.  Come Spring time, we're gonna be fabulous! 
Love to all of you my friends.  Have a blessed week and I look forward to updating you that I'm home and doing great in a few days!


Diane said...

Praying for you as you prepare for the surgery. I worked with a girl who reduced about the same degree as you. When she came back to work, there was still swelling, but I'll tell ya, she could buy clothing 3 sizes smaller after all was healed! It was an amazing tranformation physically, but even more so emotionally. She had energy and didn't have to put up with the frustations and pain of carry her breasts around all day. I know you are gonna do wonderfully well, but don't be afraid of a pain pill or two, ok?! I love you, Sara; I am praying. BTW, that Susan sounds like she's a good on to have around, barn or not! ;-)

Jada's Gigi said...

We'll see you when you're a D....;)