Friday, January 11, 2013

Rainy Friday~

Off today to wrap up some stuff before surgery on Monday morning.  Doctor's appointment, errands, stocking in supplies.  And it's pouring this morning which is not good!  Running around in the rain always results in a head cold for me which is unacceptable a few days before surgery.
Tomorrow morning I have a hair appointment because a person cannot be post surgery trapped like a rat with bad hair.  Saturday afternoon I am keeping Mason (niece's baby) until they get home from their wedding trip to Cancun and on Sunday we're hosting the newlyweds for breakfast.  Monday bright and early we're due at Beaumont Hospital.  Busy busy busy!  Somewhere in there I gotta clean this old house and do the laundry too.
I have turned off my Blackberry and set my work e mail to "out of office."  Now I'm trying to really and truly unplug and not surrender to the temptation of working from home by checking e mail and the like. 
That's all of the news that's fit to print from the Smith House this morning.  Have a great Friday!


Jada's Gigi said...

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be praying for your surgery. and you are So right about being trapped with bad hair...NOT a good idea!! :)

Pat said...

I have a hair appointment tomorrow too, maybe I'll see you there! I don't want to be trapped with bad hair post surgery either!
I'll see you soon!

Diane said...

Busy, busy weekend; you'll be lovin that anesthesia even more on Monday! Enjoy your weekend, get your ducks in a row, relish the new before those folks in surgery get the opportunity to make it look like a rat's nest and assure you are rolled out of surgery with hair tossed hither and yon! Praying for the surgery on Monday and for your health until that headcolds, no stinky viruses, no sinus crud....ALL germs and viral thingies be gone! I love you dear Sara. Let the Mr. pamper you; I'm thinkin he's good at that!!