Tuesday, September 04, 2007


After years of plans without success in going away for our anniversary, we have finally gotten a tradition going. Every year we go away to a little town west of us called Marshall, Michigan. Two years ago we stayed in a fantastic bed & breakfast but it was about twenty minutes from Marshall and sadly, the town it was in has become less than charming. Last year we stayed right in downtown Marshall, great location. I chose the National House Inn Bed & Breakfast and even chose the room I wanted from their web site. The Mr. made our reservations but decided to surprise me with the most luxurious suite in the place, the Kethcum Suite. It was very dark and scary and haunted. The entire inn was charming except for our room.
This year we're making a return trip to the National House Inn. Click here for a peek. Hopefully he'll book the correct room so I'm not too preoccupied with Ichabod Crane to feel romantical. Again, I am requesting the H.C. Brooks suite. Keep your fingers crossed. The clawfoot tub and fireplace are calling to me already.One thing we have down pat is our anniversary dinner, we'll make reservation at Schuler's. You can check out this historic restaurant here. With an October anniversary, the usually wet streets and falling leaves make this a perfect get-away.
Not a couple who is big on gifts, we have never exchanged tokens of love for our anniversary. Last year however, the Mr. surprised me. You may recall his presenting me with a ring identical to the one he had given me the year before. I continue to wear both on my left ring finger as a symbol of our relationship. On some days this means I have a ring to give to each of our boys for their wives, hoping that they will find the joy of Christ-centered love that we have. On other days, the rings remind me that the Mr. is a bonehead. Either way, it's accurate.
So I'm already welcoming the changing temperatures and cool mornings because my anniversary is coming around again. Walking along the now-familiar streets of Marshall we'll be reminded of how good God is, how far we've come and that every season brings new happiness.
Unless we go back to the Kethcum Suite and I get a third identical ring. I'm not sure what that will mean.

Psalm 143:5 I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.


Margie said...

if you get that same ring, save it for me, you can give it to your sister when she gets married :)

Have a great time! 21! holy cow!

Mrs. Mac said...

There's something that 'rings' true about the Mr. ;) Hope you have a great anniversary.

Trish said...

We've been to the National House Inn a few times, even syayed in the Ketchum Suite. Thankfully,
I didn't meet Ichabod!!!!!
Of course, we also go to Schulers, while in Marshall. Great Food!

Have a great time when you go!!!!

Trish said...
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MSU gal said...

so you saw Ichabod Crane
but you couldn't Ketchum

Deb said...

you crack me up!

here I was thinking how nicely that double ring thing turned out --you being able to gift them to your future daughters-in-law and all...and then you come up with the 'bonehead' comment!

Jada's Gigi said...

I'm praying you have a lovely trip and do not..I repeat do not get yet another ring...the thought of it..well it scares me...
love those traditional little getaways...our anniversary is in Oct too! I'll bet we end up in our lovely GA mountains...