Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Have Outgrown...

1. Wearing uncomfortable shoes. 2. Being self-conscious without make-up. 3. Wondering if I'm saved. 4. Needing a new house. 5. Impulse buying (most of the time). 6. Crying if a size medium doesn't fit. 7. Hiding my upper arm flabbage. 8. Owning other people's problems. 9. Holding on to offenses. 10.Needing other people to tell me I'm good enough.


Louise said...

Isn't it the most wonderful thing when you outgrow all this baggage?
When you're free to just BE!

Trish said...

I hear ya Sara!

My underarm flabbage, and stylish
things are not anything to cause worry!

I am all for COMFORT nowadays!!

Have a great weekend, my girl

Mrs. Mac said...

Does this mean you're a mature adult now?

Sara said...


Terry said...

1 Trying to sqeeze into a medium size dress and opting for a triple XXX instead!
2. Coffee using whipping cream! [Yummy though]!
3. Yes, wondering if I am really saved!
4. Shopping at second hand stores.
Going though my mom's house this summer decided me right more junk!
In fact when I got back home from moms'... bags and bags of my own "junk" went out the door!
Bernie was soooo happy!
5. high heels...have to wear old lady shoes now, that prevent me from falling..[sometimes!]
6. Curling my hair.
7. Taking too much on myself to solve other people's misfortunes.
8. Holding a grudge.
9. Writing letters.
I use the computer now. More handy to keep in contact [sometimes]
10. Nagging Bernie!![Yeh sure!]