Saturday, September 29, 2007


1. My mom, my voice.
2. My dad, my jawline.
3. My Mr., my last name.
4. My grandmothers, my middle name.
5. My grandpa T., my nickname...Sara Dippity.
6. My grampa, my other nickname...Sari
7. My parents, the Lord.
8. My in-laws, my husband.
9. My husband, daboyz.
10.Christ, more than I deserve.


Trish said...

You got the best traits from everyone!!
My Blog page is finished, it printed just the title, before
I had even written anything!!!
These computers I still find quite

Mrs. Mac said...

What a very nice chain of events! I figured out who Sara with the h is on your mom's blog ... Cuz I didn't think you'd be getting all gussied up for homecoming ;)

Margie said...

From Margie... big hugs.


Terry said...

Oh Sara...Just as you were visiting my blog, I was at YOUR blog, copying and pastings one of your posts to the Pilgrim Pals!
How incredible is THAT?
Must of been God's timing!!..Love Terry

Deb said...

#10 --ain't it the truth?

everlasting mercy and grace...