Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've Been Told...

1. That you have to suffer for beauty.
2. That I need to become a doctor. (hahahahahahaha)
3. That people hate me.
4. That I'm beautiful.
5. That I'm fat.
6. That I need to grow my hair long.
7. That I should wear my hair very short.
8. That I have great kids.
9. That my life is easy.
10.That I'm funny.


Trish said...

Just stick your fingers in your
ears~ and go blah! blah! blah!
blah! when you hear the negatives!

You'd be a good Dr. though!!

Sara said...

i wonder what people would feel about their dr. sticking her fingers in her ears saying blah!? makes me want to be a dr.!
love you

Mrs. Mac said...

Dr. Frankensara, eh? Just kidding.

Margie said...

11. that you're loved