Wednesday, September 05, 2007


As summer time begins to wane and the earth turns toward autumn, it is darker in the morning when I leave for work. The other day there was a lunar eclipse that I watched through my car window as I drove. A few days later, a full moon shown bright in the sky.
Did you know that the moon generates no light of its own? It simply reflects the sun, casting its gentle glow into what would be utter darkness were it not for the moon doing nothing more than capturing and casting the light of a greater source.
I don't sleep well at night and during those full moon phases, hardly at all. I lay awake in the midnight glow and wish it were a quarter or even half moon night. Around 2:00 I give up the fight for sleep and spend some time praying. These are actually good times of intercession and worship that I know full well would not happen during daylight when there are so many other "better" things to keep me busy.
I have nothing to offer the world on my own. But I am learning in the gentle moonlight that I too have a purpose beyond my own power. I need only to capture and reflect the light from the true source. If I could only be so wise as the moon, I could push aside darkness and ease the journey into the Light.
If only I was a better reflection of Jesus, the world would not seem so dark.

Psalm 72:5 He will endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon, through all generations.


Trish said...

I pray you sleep soundly and peacefully tonight.
May you be able to shut off your
thoughts and have sweet dreams.
You sweet girl do reflect His light!

Love you!

Deb said...

From where I reflect Jesus beautifully!

KayMac said...

ahhh, that we all could have hearts more like yours. I am w/ Tish & Deb, when I look your way...I see Jesus reflected!

Amber Land said...

I can't imagine anyone reflecting Jesus much better than you!