Friday, September 21, 2007

Things That Make You Go "Huh?"

The Mr. does most of our grocery shopping and I am so grateful. Really I am. Of course, turning over this task has meant I must relinquish my demand that he shop "my way." He doesn't always see the need to stock the same items I do. He certainly doesn't agree that we need extras of anything. He does more impulse buying than I. I do more green bean buying than he. But he does the shopping and I am grateful.
Then there are moments like these...

Mac: "Why did you buy plain old vanilla ice cream? Nobody likes it."
Mr.: "I know nobody likes it. That way nobody eats it and it lasts longer."



Trish said...

Plain old vanilla is Tom and Maddy's favorite, wouldn't last
that long around here.
I have to write a list for Tom,
he buys nothing on impulse.
Bless you Dean!

We just got back from getting a
plain old vanilla cone from

tina fabulous said...

that is some very odd logic. which i understand completely.

however, he didnt factor in the "its the middle of the night and i will eat anything available" moments of life.

Sara said...

that moment just happened being that in my world, 7:30 is the middle of the night

MSU gal said...

it's b-girl's favorite as well. perhaps he longs for his niece to come and live with you guys. shall I bring her over?

Mrs. Mac said...

Mrs. Mac's favorite too. I tell my kids when they protest ... just think of all the flavored toppings you can put on top. If my husband did the grocery shopping, we'd be broke. He totally buys on impulse and doesn't know how to boil water.

Margie said...

I asked someone their favorite... vanilla bean. Beans in Ice Cream, what the heck is that about? :)

Deb said...

I completely understand that logic....although with me, I won't eat something because then it will be gone...and then by the time I decide to eat it, it has gone bad, molded, spoiled, whatever and I have to throw it away.

(I still have Easter Candy...I know...pitiful...but chocolate never goes bad, does it?!)

Terry said...

What you do Sara IS do a little impulse shopping and sneak some chocolate, butterscoth and strawberry sundae syrups into the pantry.
And then see how long the Mr.'s plain old vanilla ice cream lasts!..
Love Terry

Hilmarose said...

I just found your blog... very inspiring... LOL about his answer!!!!