Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All I Want For Christmas That I Can Think Of Right Now

Have decided that I will simply copy Kelly's blogs. Makes my life much easier. Making it easier still, I am copy pasting this e mail I sent to my sister when she requested my Christmas list. I honestly don't know why you people keep stopping by here to read this garbage. Janet, this means you. Go make some flax seed sandwiches for Andy. P.S. Janet is my good friend and I work with both she and her husband and she for real makes cupcakes out of beets and crazy crap like that. Although she does have a very active colon so maybe I should take a lesson from her book. And now, the much awaited Christmas List.

Book: Relative Stranger (Nonfiction); or anything else i can read including magazines on mission style (decorating!) and the arts & crafts movement. or bowel movements as i never have them, they fascinate me.

Parfums: Sand & Sable or something spicy, like salsa

Clothes: I now wear a L or size 12. Please kill me. i always need socks. or sock monkeys. or socks made of real monkeys. ha! i kid.

Kitchen: I want one of them there deep wok like frying pans what they have at the world market and such. My coffee pot just died. I always enjoy a mug. I think we're out of paper plates and bottled water.

Jewels: I would like anything both silver and gold (means so much more when i see silver and gold decorations on every christmas tree, and also my ears). I would also enjoy silver or/and gold ball earrings of medium size. i used to have silver and gold ball earrings kind of attached double decker ones. they were awesome. what happened to those? charms for my bracelet. watch that is silver and gold, like a rolex. a real rolex would be fine.

Pajamas: I want the red flannel ones with the dog faces from target. a bathrobe that is not pink or purple or yellow. don't need slippers. i asked the mr. for pj and robe but he will probably get me something stupid and not at all what i asked for.

that is all for now.

good bye.

Pic: My friend Janet


Pat said...

Nice outfit Janet.

Margie said...

you make me laugh...

Deb said...

too funny.

...and I'm sure your friend Janet so appreciates that you have shared with the (blog-reading) world that she has an active colon.


Deb said...

p.s. I want her beet cupcake recipe. Olivia won't eat beets. Perhaps if I put them in a cupcake....

(and no, I don't need them to make my colon more active. My colon is active enough - thank you very much.)

(May I recommend oatmeal or granola or some other such fibrous food for breakfast!!)

Deb said...

I'm leaving another comments simply because I thought it would be coolastic (as Olivia would say) to see my mug on your blog comments three times in a row.

Mrs. Mac said...

I like flaxseed sammies and beet cupcakes. It's very good to have an active colon so don't dis your friend Janet. Now before the rumors fly, what house are you planning to buy that Pat has to increase the price ... could it be Grandma's ... do tell please ;)

Mrs. Mac said...

That deb sure has a way of putting her face out there ... lovely face, Deb

Deb said...

thank you mrs. mac! :)

MSU gal said...

I want

that cassette tape!

Amrita said...

Ha...ha...ha...Sara What a stylish comprehensice list.

Mission style decorating...that 's something!

Abd gold and silver ear rings...plenty of them here...from imitation ones to 24 carat.The wok is an essential kitchen utensil for us, we use them all the time.

May all your wishes come true.

Hello Janet, I 'd want your flaxseed sandwich recipe