Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Wishes

1. That I wasn't working Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
2. That I was ten pounds lighter.
3. That my hair was long enough for a pony tail as I am convinced that the source of all my stress is hair-styling related.
4. That I was more Christmasy...baking, card sending, etc.
5. That we were already moved into Gramma & Grampa's house.
6. That the gifts I ordered online were here.
7. That my shopping was done.
8. That Jay could eat gluten so I could make him a million Christmas cookies.
9. That there would be no one in the stores today but me.
1o. That I'd get over myself and remember that the gift most needed is already purchased and that is the reason I am celebrating in the first place.


Mrs. Mac said...

Number 10 is the most important thing on your Christmas Wish List ... everything else can fall by the wayside ... It takes a dedicated person to work a job that includes the holiday shifts ... you will be blessed and have time after work letting someone else do all the cooking ;) Ah ha ... it is your grammy's house that you're to be moving into ... I can't wait to read about the transition. Don't worry about not baking ... besides when all the sweet treats are sitting on your kitchen counters they tend to more easily move to your waistline ;)

Pat said...

I'm with you on #'s 1, 5 and especially 8. I'm working on removing gluten from everything I possibly can!

Louise said...

I heard an old saying as I was growing up:
If wishes were horses we'd all take a ride...
Wishes, I find, only make us feel worse than we already do about some things. Tis better, in my lowly opinion, to do the best we can and not fret about what we can't change.
#10 on your list, as Mrs. Mac said, is the most important.

Trish said...

No to #3, I like your haircut...
ponytails are fast and convenient
but not as hip as you!

Amrita said...

I have a longer wish list.Love yours.
God bless you Sara and all the family too.