Sunday, December 16, 2007

But Your Smile Is So Delightful

Welcome to Michigan!
To no one's surprise, Old Man Winter has arrived! We Michiganders are just happy when he blows in on a weekend and fewer of us are on the roads struggling in to work. As usual, the county road crews requested that we stay off the roads if possible. We Smiths obliged by skipping church, gasp. The Mr. was up and dressed as he goes earlier than I do for band practice. As I sipped my coffee watching the news (knowing full well I was not going anywhere!), I noticed him watching the weather updates. Very soon he had called our worship leader to tell him he was going to do his part to keep the roads safe by staying off of them!
Donny had his first experience with deep snow which he romped through at quick intervals coming inside for a snuggle and a warm up and then back out again. The Mr. did the mandatory snow clearing and I took the opportunity to do some laundry and drink some plum spice tea.
We had plans to meet my sister and her family for my brother-in-law's birthday dinner at Red Robin so we did venture out for burgers and bottomless baskets of fries. Happily, we have four wheel drive so that seemed to make it seem like a reasonable plan. Yes, we felt we could take our chances for cheeseburgers and no, we did not go to church. Just believe that the roads had cleared up a bit in the five intervening hours.
I just love snowy blowy winter days when we can all be home together. No worrying about daboyz driving to school or work or the Mr. sliding home down the freeway. No trudging out to clean off my car in cotton scrub pants. Just taking it easy and letting the snow fall around us.
It's been a lovely day.

Pics: Top Left~The Mr. clears the snow; Top Right~The view from my kitchen window this morning; Bottom Right~The Abominable Snow Dog aka Donny


Trish said...

It has been a lovely, lazy kinda day! I am still in flannel PJ's
and have been doing laundry too.
Tom is shoveling snow for the second time and Gracie is running around the front yard. Dogs love snow, it seems to energize them!
Good Burgers are worth going out for!

Louise said...

We too stayed home and inside of our church elders called bright & early to tell us services had been cancelled. Felt good to stay in sweats, watch some TV, do some reading and take a nap today.

Mrs. Mac said...

Your Donny is mighty cute!(What make is he? ;) Aaah, we have had a foot of snow this past week ... and more in the next 10 day outlook. So glad the Mr. showed me how to plow the driveway before he left!

Sara said...

thank you mrs. mac. donny is a rescue dog of indeterminate origin...beagle; basset and perhaps walker hound if you ask my dad. think of him as a frankenhound! i think you and nathan should just hunker down and eat french fries until mr. mac comes to plow you out!

Deb said...

someone in my homegroup once said that she would never, ever, ever dream of doing laundry on a Sunday. It's, after all, the day of rest.


I did three loads.