Friday, December 21, 2007

Nothing That I Desire Compares With You

Proverbs 8:10 Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold...

I was in a group of people chatting when one person launched off into this speech about right and wrong and blah blah blah. It wasn't a religious conversation. It was a group of rather heathen types if you ask me. The person on the soap box looked right at me while he was instructing the rest of us and I thought, "Why the heck is he looking at me? Freak."
About three hours later I was in a situation that reflected exactly what Mr. Soapbox had been waxing eloquent about. Exactly. And although I would've know the right choice, it was like I had been given an extra nudge to remove the inner tug-of-war that can sometimes happen. So I did the right (not the easy) thing. Afterward I left it behind and moved on with my day. I think if I'd not taken the right path, I'd be dragging the thing with me still. Thank you Mr. Soapbox.
There is usually a right choice. Something that just is the thing that God would be most pleased with. It might not be the thing that lines your pockets best or makes people like you more. Sometimes it is a thing that won't even do anything spectacular for you, except allow you to move forward with your head held high. Just being able to close out the day without remorse is the only reward. But that is a great reward in itself.
Just doing the God-honoring thing and knowing that all the rest will fall around you like gentle rain, to nourish the other parts of your life...that's living well.
Gold is where you find it.

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Louise said...

I so needed to read this before answering an earlier email. You've once again helped me sort and sift through some things.
Thank you.