Monday, December 17, 2007

What a Lovely...Tablecloth?

Whilst rummaging through my cabinet to put out fresh dish towels, I came across a beautiful crimson table cloth amongst my kitchen linens. I had not put a Christmas cloth on my table as I didn't really want bright red nor did I feel so inclined as to go purchase something preferable. So you can imagine my pleasure at finding this jewel-toned cloth with a deep border. When did I pick this up? No idea. But I'm glad I did!
So I unfolded it and smoothed in on my table and hmm.... The border is only on one side. Odd. Uh. Strange, it seems to have some kind of pocket here on one end as well. I wonder what in the world; oh. I see.
Yes. It is a curtain panel. One single curtain panel.
Which makes me wonder even more why I purchased a single curtain panel and stored it with my kitchen linens. You might think I thought it was a table cloth and put it away? Perhaps. Then again, it was not in the package so clearly at some point I looked it over.
Are you now curious as to what I did with the one single curtain panel?
I put it on my table. With the one bordered edge facing the part of the room most visible.
Yes. My name is Sara and I have a curtain on my table.
If that shocks you, get a load of this. I did not iron the creases out of the curtain I put on my kitchen table.
I have a creased curtain on my kitchen table and I am pretending it is a beautiful holiday table cloth.
Welcome to my world.


Becky said...

ha! you have crossed over! and "they" say i'm in a world all by myself! glad to have company...

Pat said...

Martha Stewart ~ "it's a good thing"
Candace Olson ~ "How Divine"

Me ~ I like it!

Trish said...

It looks pretty.... they do that on redesign shows, just take what you have around the house , it's designing on a budget!
Yes ~ "How Divine"

Trish said...

p.s. I hate to iron!!!

Deb said...

what's an iron?

looks great to me!

Louise said...

Looks good to me Sara and makes perfect sense to use what you have. None of us woulda known had you not told us! Old quilts work too.

Amrita said...

In India it would not be unusual. we cross over, nothing is wasted or thrown. We recycle old linen even our saris. Your table cloth look so colourful.

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh Sara ... you're just so creatively forgetfully weird sweetie pie.

MSU gal said...

I think it is fabulous!

Margie said...

now... I know we are sisters. WHo the heck irons a tablecloth?

someone always schleps on it anyway.

Pat said...

This cracks me up - it got more comments then one of your "spiritual" deep thinking blogs!
By the way - I would iron it.