Saturday, December 29, 2007

You Say You Want A Resolution?

1. To leave depression behind me, after I kick its butt.
2. To grow my hair out and have a pony tail.
3. To spend more time in the Word.
4. To dance.
5. To go back to school.
6. To trust God and accept peace.
7. To cook more.
8. To lose that rotten extra weight.
9. To have more bowel movements.
10. To answer the calling on my life.


Louise said...

You go Thara!

Margie said...

for #9 take magnesium

Mrs. Mac said...

#'s 7, 8, & 9 are easy. Just make Janet's flaxseed sandwiches and beet cupcakes to take care of all three ;)

Amrita said...

Bravo. number 8 is my goal too but right now is eating seasin and I 've thrown caution to the winds.