Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Today Today

1. Overcast.
2. Sweatshirt weather.
3. Baseball cap.
4. Dirty dishes in the sink....grrrrrrr.
5. New couch?
6. Packing.
7. Need to eat veggies and fiber; wanna guess why?
8. Relaxed.
9. At home pedicure this evening.
10. Happy.


Margie said...

thought you were leaving...

you gotta poop?? take some magnesium... right from walgreens, 2 per meal till you poop... works wonders...

Pat said...


Trish said...

Happy Anniversary! I covet your trip to Marshall!!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

LOL (Margie) ... BENEFIBER ... add to coffee, or water .. works wonders without a bad taste ;)

Happy Anniversary ... I expect to see a picture of a third ring next week ;)

Terry said...

Happy Anniversary dear Sara and Mister!!!
Love Terry.......

Prune juice works the best I say or a Big Mac does the trick every time That stuff is a good as dynamite........Ha!!

Jada's Gigi said...

I don't think I've ever met anyone so obsessed with their bowel movements..except possibly my better half..and my
Happy Happy Anniversary! We share anniversary months..Oct is THE best isn't it?? and please do tell if that 3rd ring appears. :)