Sunday, October 05, 2008

Come Share the Story of Your First Memory

Was when I was less than four years old and living on Clippert Street. I remember the small back bedroom being my room and yellow paint on the walls. I remember a white chenille bedspread and maybe a brass headboard? I remember the bed rails that had these arms things that would swing out to tuck under the mattress to anchor the rail and that the rail was made of beige colored metal and cold to touch. I remember that when it wasn't keeping me from rolling out of bed it was propped up vertically against the wall. I remember trying to smooth out the chenille bedspread and playing Gilligan's Island and imagining that the bed rail against the wall which was much taller than me was Ginger or the Skipper or Maryann...That is memory number one. It actually feels like my memory suddenly turned on in that little bedroom one morning. I remember being in the den on Clippert Street and it seems like it was within a few days of my memory switching on. My mom said that gramma and grampa were taking me to The Farm. The pulled up in their red El Camino and it was sunny and warm on Avalon Street which is where they parked at the side of our house. I just remember getting into the truck, not the actual trip.
And that's all. My first memory. The next time my memory took notes was the first day of kindergarten. Mrs. Steen's class. I was wearing a dress and tights, I don't remember which ones. There were blond stained wooden climbers in the big room and a rocking boat made from the same wood. The play equipment was against a long wall of windows that looked out over the playground. The desks were pushed together to form islands of tables and there were name cards at each spot, my mom helped me find mine. There was milk in little cartons and cookies. I had never seen little cartons of milk before and although they were amusing enough; I still didn't like milk. The cartons were red and white. I don't know what kind of cookies but it seems like chocolate covered graham crackers. There were lots of kids and moms. I had new shoes.
Your turn.


Louise said...

You really don't want to know what my first memory is. Seriously. But thanks for asking.

Trish said...

I can see you in that bedroom and I loved the Farm!

tina fabulous said...

i remember being born.

Mc's Place said...

Chasing my brother in the garage! White walking shoes, and the Lone Ranger.