Saturday, October 18, 2008


1. Make a pot of peasant soup.
2. Maybe an apple crisp?
3. Help around Jay's house.
4. Groceries.
5. Church.
6. Errands? Maybe, maybe not.
7. Laundry, almost done!
8. High probability of afternoon napping.
9. Wash my truck.
10. Look forward to next weekend...Marshall!
Yes, I realize today is Sweetest Day. We just don't particularly care around here. But if you do care, happy Sweetest Day to ya!


Pat said...

Re: #3
You're needed in the attic.

Trish said...

#2. Bobby had made a yummy apple cobbler before we is gone!
I love Marshall, haven't been in so
long, need to go back. Have a Great Anniversary trip!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Any time to make sock monkeys? We're giving away Deb's socks, she's been hoarding for decades ... seriously, she needs your intervention ;) ... enjoy your crisp apple dish ... and the decaf tea.