Friday, October 24, 2008


What is today? Today is Friday and it has taken forever to get here! Today is the last day before my 22nd honeymoon. Today I'm wearing fabulous boots and a cute jumper my sister gave me. Today I am wearing my hair down which I never do.Today is a good day at work because I get to cover my unit plus another one that I love. Today is Autumn and cool and not as cold so I wore a shawl to work. Today is another back on my diet and I mean it day. Today is 11:30 in the morning and I've had several laughs with co-workers. Today is feeling easy inside myself. Today I remember last Sunday at church as the best Sunday in a very long time. Today is in love. Today is looking forward to the Mr., the Guys and the Girl singer getting ready for November 8 so it's front and center at our house. Today is having a set of friends I didn't have five years ago and loving them. Today is being the oldest ones in our circle of friends and being ok with that. Today is a week away from a dream coming true (actually five days or so.) Today is not making my bed before work because Donny wouldn't get out of it. Today is wearing one of my grandma's necklaces.Today is reminded that I am really good at my job. Today is not thinking about stuff that worries me not because I'm avoiding but because today, I am letting God have it. Today is trying not to eat the candy on my desk. Knowing the best way to avoid eating the candy is not to keep it on my desk but keeping candy on my desk anyway.
Today is raining on the way home and having thin crust veggie pizza for dinner and watching a DVD.
Today is a good day.
What is your today?

Deuteronomy 4:39 Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.


tina fabulous said...

today was oversleeping (again), hiding in the break room as 2 co-workers got in a big yell fight, finishing off the coffee and not making more as punishment for the yell fight, listing the pros/cons of burning all my possessions as an alternative to packing, and going to the movies to forget about all the aforementioned.

Louise said...

Today was sleeping in 'til 8 and still having quiet time before the day officially began. Today was working on photos for a special album for my husband and having tuna for lunch. Today was a dental appt and going to the thrift store to find two good books at .60 cents each. Today was homemade soup & salad for dinner, then going to Joann Fabric for photo sleeves. Today was walking over a mile on the treadmill and enjoying it. Today was calling a friend who's Mom is very ill and being thankful our friendship has lasted as long as it has. Today is being thankful for today.
Bless you Thara.

Louise said...

p.s. I spelled "who's" wrong ... should be "whose". I'm too picky, huh?

Deb said...

Today was coming home from work and sleeping all day until Olivia woke me up when she arrived home from school and walking into the kitchen to the aroma of eggs and sausage which Brillo Man was cooking for me for my "breakfast" at dinner time and spending time on the computer before tucking Olivia into bed with a movie since it's movie night for her and packing my lunch for work - tonight.

Trish said...

Today was my usual day of being a Grammy except I've had 3 boys instead of 2 since Ian's been sick with Croup. Today I held my Elek as he slept and and breathed in the sweet smell of him. Today was a lazy afternoon. Today after Ian and Elek left Xavie and I snuggled together under a blanket. Today I watched as the rain brought quiet peace to my day. Today was another day God has blessed this ol' gal with and for that... today I am truly thankful!

Mrs. Mac said...

today was really started in the middle of the night when Nathan needed his pullup changed at 3:30 AM, today was the day I mailed a silly scarf to a dear friend in my new posse of silly sisters, today my husband went to work at his new job that he's beginning to like, today is the day I'm wondering why I volunteered to be the HOA's new secretary treasurer after finding out the 2007 tax return has yet to be filed, today is the day I'm thanking God once again for each and every blessing ... especially those that were prayed about years ago that have finally been answered. Good night.

Amrita said...

I am having a good day too.

Sheeba (dog) has chased a mongoose inside the bedroom and is creating a ruckus. Dinner forgotten.