Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I've nothing profound saved or to say today so I guess I'm just checking in. Work has been pretty busy with lots of changes going on but I'm enjoying it. I was told in the beginning of my career to give any new position at least six months to get acclimated and one year to know if it makes you really happy and I've found that to be good advice. I'm in month ten and having less moments of panic and more of feeling like I just might be good at this! Of course, you might find my co-workers would say otherwise! A person I work with invited me into their office and closed the door just to share some worries they are having and I realized that I've arrived in some manner, when someone honors you with a conversation they wouldn't have with anyone else.
I think I may be the only one who likes rainy Autumn days. Every year when we go to Marshall it's cold and rainy so that has made it the kind of day that makes me happy instead of depressed. It reminds me of good things. I need to learn how to attach goodness to things that usually wouldn't thrill me so I can enjoy more of life instead of focusing on smaller details that aren't exactly perfect. The only problem is I am freezing 99% of the time! And my office is subarctic. The maintenance guy keeps insisting that the "system" says my office is 77 degrees but the "system" is a liar! Then when I insist that he comes by and sits with me, he says "D___! It's cold in here!" I put in an injury report that I had slipped in penguin poop. Today when it was in the mid sixties outside I wore a shirt and sweater to work and was almost comfortable.
What else is there to report? The Mr. and I went out to dinner this evening and when I got home he had already decided on a restaurant. I LOVE it when he does that. Seriously. Makes me think he's been thinking of me and relieves me of the debate about where to eat. I just finished a book called "The Shack" and it was extremely thought-provoking. Anybody read it? I'll have to write about it later in the week. I recommend it only if you feel your preconceived God notions can be challenged.
Tina and I are planning a fabulous vacation that you will be very jealous of when you hear about it. It is European, let me just say that. We'll post pictures. And there will be coupons involved.
Is anybody else out there eating tiny Halloween candy bars at an alarming rate? This has never been an issue with me! Suddenly I'm actually accounting for candy calories in my daily menus!


~Robin said...

Isnt there just nothing better that when your man actually chooses the restaraunt?! It's so rare in my own life I practically fall over if my husband decides where to gas up the car let alone a place to eat. Guess that makes him too spoiled huh:/

Deb said...

oh my gosh...don't get me started on the tiny candy bars. I purchased five bags of them for the church harvest far none of them have made it to the church and we've opened three bags already! pitiful.

Interesting that you mention, "The Shack". At my weekly coffee/tea clatch with my girlfriends on Tuesday, I mentioned that I am reading "23 Minutes in Hell." Someone challenged me launching into this big rhetorical dissertation about how we, as Christians have to be discerning about our reading because everyone is reading "The Shack" and it's supposedly got some "errors" and "blah, blah, blah." First of all, "23 Minutes in Heaven" is FULL of scripture that backs everything the author says about his experience and secondly, I think I'm a mature enough Christian to discern if a book is okay to read. As for "The Shack" - sheltered me had never heard of it - but will now be buying it or at least borrowing it from the library to check it out. Interesing what you said about challenging our preconceived notions about God....

I'll give you my book critique after I read it!

Stacy said...

I am currently several chapters into "The Shack". I'm feeling the urgency to finish it so that I can figure out what all the fuss is about!!

tina fabulous said...

as everyone we consider worth knowing is already aware, europe is the only place one can go for decent fudge these days.