Saturday, June 27, 2009

1. He says he hates to put up a privacy fence because it would block out our neighbors.
2. I say I wish I could put a roof over the yard while we're at it.
3. He says white lava rocks look great.
4. I say only if it's 1974 and you're my grandpa.
5. He says let's gut the kitchen in the basement and we'll redo it someday.
6. I say past is prologue, step away from the sledge hammer.
7. He says let's listen to the new songs we're learning at church.
8. I say every song we learn sounds like every other song we've ever learned and besides, I'm staying home to watch HGTV
9. He says, "You never cared about money or nice houses so you've always been content, even before we moved."
10. I say, "Content?"
11. He says, "You were happy!"
12. I say nothing.
13. He says, "Well, you're happy now. Right?"
14. I saynothing. Keep him guessing.

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jordiee said...

this is so cute. it really made me smile