Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Next Seven

1. Saturday: rainy. working. on-call over night.

2. Sunday: working. on-call overnight.

3. Monday: off. full liquid diet. last minute tasks before surgery. relax? dean's birthday.

4. Tuesday: working. clear liquid diet. leaving a little early for...bowel prep!

5. Wednesday: not working. surgery @ 2:30 p.m. home in the evening?

6. Thursday: home! reading. whining.

7. Friday: pain free. looking tired but lovely. good hair day without effort.

8. Saturday: sunny & warm. sitting out on the deck. realizing i have lost 30 pounds and was never fat, just needed my giant ovary removed.

9. Sunday: father's day. celebration at our house for father's day, dean/jay/amy's birthdays. new england seafood fest. dean in charge of drinks. predict he will not even have ice cubes or paper cups.

10. Monday: resting. pajamas now too big after removal of 30 pound ovary. dig out my size 10s which are also now too big. wear draw string pants. read.


Trish said...

Seems we both have the same 30 lb. problem...but I can't blame it on my Ovaries...since mine flew the coup almost 5 years ago! Oh, I know it's menopause, happy meds and laziness...Yep that's where the 30 lbs. came from...Ugh!!!
Praying for you sweet girl! Enjoy your Bowel Prep...Heh...heh...heh.

Jada's Gigi said...

Sounds like a good 10 day'll be praying on Wed...and actually between now and then too. Got you on my mind.