Monday, June 01, 2009

A Day Of Rest

The folks have been safely returned to Alabama and we are finally back home recovering (grin.) We took our time driving home and spent the night in Buttermilk, Kentucky! Got in Sunday afternoon and grilled burgers for dinner. Did a little housework putting things back in order and went to bed early. Today it's cold and rainy. I have soup cooking in the crock pot and the Mr. just ran out for a few supplies. My intention is to catch up some laundry and cat nap in between reading and soup eating. I am worn out!
Dean's mom and dad have decided to move back here to senior assisted living apartments. That's more easily said than done as they own a house with more "stuff" than the Smithsonian and they don't know where to start with sorting and getting organized. Of course, add to that the fact that they are both disabled and it gets even trickier. So it's a step at a time for the moment. The working plan is to have them settled back in Michigan before winter.
I'm too tired to think or talk! So if you'll excuse me I'll go stir my soup and read a chapter or two.


Stacy said...

Enjoy your relaxing day! Sounds fabulous!

Trish said...

Thankfully you made the trip home safely. And it warmed up and the sun came out for a bit and enjoy your soup! What kind did you make Sara?

tina fabulous said...

welcome back traveller!

Deb said...

Soup sounds good. It's been rainy and cold here today too - although as I type this, the sun is actually peeking out from behind the clouds and shining though the skylight - thereby causing my laptop to have a glare from the sun - which means I can't see any of this which I'm now typing....anyway...
...haven't had any time to post lately but wanted to stop by to let you know that I've been praying for you!

Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy your rest, soup, peace and quiet today ... for tomorrow will have its own set of trials.

Small steps lead to bigger and bigger steps.

My parents are thinking about relocating near me ... but they are doing so while they are still capable of taking care of themselves.