Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Next Step

I spoke with my doctor today and my surgery is tentatively scheduled for June 17. There are a few different possibilities and until I am actually in surgery we won't know if this will require only the removal of one ovary or a complete hysterectomy. Labs have been drawn to check for a variety of things including tumor markers. The June 17 date will be confirmed after it is also cleared with the oncologist who is to be present during the operation. There is no cancer history in my family and I really am not going down that road in my spirit. My mom did have endometriosis and that is one of the possibilities.
I feel entirely peaceful and really have a general feeling of wellness. Please continue to pray for me and my family as well as the doctors who will be treating me. If the oncologist is not available on June 17 the surgery will take place on June 24.
So thank you in advance for your love and prayers and please, if it doesn't seem too ridiculous to say this, don't worry! I am looking forward to having this behind me and not being in pain. It is remarkable how much pain a missing ovary can cause a person.
I'll let you know when the surgery date is confirmed so you can begin planning to shower me with gifts. Wink.
Job 12:9-10 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.


Trish said...

I'll make you potato salad!
Praying always sweet girl!

Louise said...

I can make peanut butter cookies! I've been told they're very good.
And of course I'll be praying ... not worrying ... praying.
I loveth you Thara.

tina fabulous said...

this calls for a shekinah glory cookie tower!
youre at the top of my prayer chart.

Becky said...

outstanding spirit!
completely understand that peace thing!

Constance said...

We don't appreciate our good health the way we should until we feel awful! Then it's amazing how we say things like,
"I'd give anything to NOT feel this way!"

I know that all will be well because He is faithful!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll fix you some nice tea to go with the cookies and plan my vacation to Michigan to correspond with your surgery.

Seriously ... though ... all kidding aside ... you are on my prayer calendar in INK. Not to worry.


Margie said...

still praying! I don't think you can eat potato salad after surgery, so I'll come over and eat Aunt Pat's potato salad so you won't be tempted!

Seriously, if you guys need a meal or ANYTHING (except picking up dog poop, I'm not doing that) call, I'll be right over!