Thursday, June 25, 2009

Journal Of A Woman Who Does Nothing

Good steamy Thursday to you. Had plans to sit outside with my coffee which I quickly reconsidered. Oy. I'm going to have to get up before sunrise to sit outside without sweating. I peeked outside and saw 6 squirrels, a couple of chipmunks, a rabbit and a flock of birds. It's a zoo out there! Donny is working on his tracking techniques, he crouches down and sneaks up very slowly and quietly...with a tennis ball in his mouth. He has also taken to putting his tennis balls into the pond in between fetching, makes a juicy little cool-down I guess. And nice & smelly too.
We might get some rain this afternoon which would be nice. It would save me watering the gardens and probably cool things down a bit. The factory gets increasingly hot daily so the Mr. is happy to have a few degrees knocked off the thermometer. He's off tomorrow with the new 4/10 schedule. I might actually venture out for lunch tomorrow. I'm not so much home bound because I'm not well at this point, it's just that there is no where else I would like to be. I am going to the library today but that's a necessity, I'm out of books.
Enjoy your day & if you're at the library, look for me!


Jada's Gigi said...

Ahhh no where else to be but home...what a delightful situation! But me, I sit outside no matter what the temp! I just drink iced tea instead of hot coffee. :)

shanchere said...

Doing nothing is sometimes part of real healing. So doing nothing is really doing something; just as sleep is really doing something. It is regenerating us for greater things to come.