Monday, June 08, 2009

Meet My Cyster, Cousin It

So I'm doing research trying to understand all of the potential UPO diagnoses and potential treatments involved. Want to make myself a very educated patient who has enough foreknowledge to ask important questions. You might be surprised that given my occupation I need to do research. Well, don't be surprised. On the up side, if at some point the UPO starts talking to me, I'll know just what medications to ask for.

So, there are a number of things that this sucker could be but amongst the most shocking and disgusting per my research is a dermoid cyst. Since we certainly don't want to get caught up in doom and gloom cancer talk and there is not much else interesting to say I decided to devote today to that which is not most dangerous but certainly most appalling. And unfabulous.

It seems to me rather ridiculous that if the surgeon walks out into the surgical waiting room and presents my family with my long lost ovary now masquerading as Cousin It, we shall all rejoice.

But rejoice we will.

Da da da dum. Snap. Snap.
UPDATE: Just talked to my doctor, tumor markers are normal! Will proceed with surgery on June 17.


Margie said...

I looked that up... it's gross, but we will rejoice!

Pat said...

Dr. Zoltan Ovary is a Hungarian ovary....figures.

Trish said...

With a name like Zolton...the Dr. is definitely Hungarian!!! Nothing but happy positive thoughts are stepping out in faith...Good girl!!
Praying as always!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Thinking of you today

Stacy said...

Thankful for your update!

Louise said...

Praise the Lord for normal markers! Praying for you my sweet Thara.

Deb said...

Rejoicing that the tumor markers are normal!! And praying for you as the 17th approaches!