Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hey everybody! As you probably read on my mom's blog, I am home and resting. Thank you for all of your prayers and love. Although the cyst was indeed a gross dermoid; it was kind of what we asked for, right? No hysterectomy and no over night hospital stay. Exactly the outcome I was asking God for. (Deb, "for which I was asking God...")
I slept well last night after finally eating some Mrs. Grass soup. The nurse said I wouldn't want to eat. Ha! The entire medical profession underestimates me. I ate soup AND ice cream. I was able to shower this morning and my pain is tolerable. The Mr. is home with me until Monday so I'm in good hands. After my nesting earlier this week, I am happily settled in to my home with my guys and feeling very blessed.
Plus I have some cute new pajamas, blue & white Hawaiian print shorts and blue t. I'm adorable.
Again, thank you and to God be the glory!

P.S. that pic on my mom's blog is prior to surgery, I wasn't quite so perky trying not to puke in recovery.


Louise said...

Welcome home Thara! So thankful you're safe and well. Praise the Lord!

Margie said...

welcome home! PRAISE GOD!

Stacy said...

Glad you're home....goodies on the way :) You better believe I'd be more than HAPPY to bake for YOU!!

Sometime today around 2, you'll hear a little knock; we won't bug you guys, just have Dean peak out onto the front porch and you'll get your sweet treat!


Amrita said...

Get well soon Sara. May the Lord give you a speedy recovery

Trish said...

Pray you are feeling stronger everyday sweet girl. Thinking of you. Pray you had a wonderful day with family...tell Dean I wish him a Happy Father's Day!