Sunday, June 28, 2009


to work tomorrow morning! Everybody is asking me if I'm dreading going back and the answer A week ago I would've said otherwise but I realize now that I was still feeling badly. Friday I started really feeling markedly better and now I am grateful and ready to resume normal life. After going through surgery and waiting for a diagnosis, I certainly will not be unhappy to be declared healthy and able to go back to work.
So hi ho, hi ho it's back to work I go!
Praise God!


Saija said...

your attitude is A1!

blessings on your week ... and your health too!

Louise said...

So glad you're well and able and willing to return to work!

Trish said...

So happy, that you are back to work and feeling fit as a fiddle! Love you!!!

Amrita said...

That 's great Sara, you have recovered so good and have the strength and resolved to get back to work. But do take care.

Constance said...

It sounds like you are back to your usual sunny self! I haven't felt like blogging or even reading blogs since coming down sick with whatever my grandkids gave me when I was helping out with the new baby! (The little snots, that's gratitude for you!) Have a great week back at work, you have a great attitude! Myself personally, I am SO ready to retire!

Jada's Gigi said...

Glad you are hale and hearty and ready to go! I'm ready for a break...but only under healthy circumstances!