Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday

Oh my goodness, am I glad it's Monday! I know, crazy talk, right? But I worked the weekend so I was at work or on call from home for forty eight hours. Today, however, is my day off. It's also the Mr.'s birthday and he's off too. He says it's to spend time with me but that's a load of hooey. He is off because it's his birthday. If it was all about me, wouldn't it make more sense to be home after my surgery to take care of me?

On my pre-op diet today so it was oatmeal for breakfast and full liquids for the rest of the day. Because of this, I prepared with Italian food yesterday. Don't want to get all malnourished.

Today is a beautiful sunny summer day 'round here. I'm getting myself moving slowly. Just watched my DVR HGTV $250,000 Challenge. Love that show! Gonna put on some comfy hang-out clothes and do a little bumming around. Maybe pick up some plants. Got my housework all done on Friday so I truly feel like this is a real day off. Other than the Mr. hanging around out of the goodness of his heart.

Tomorrow I work a half day and then come home for bowel prep. For someone who rarely poops, it sounds like a good time to me.

Well I can't play with you people all morning! I have stuff to do!

Happy Monday!
Update: STARVING to a million pieces!!!


Margie said...

Happy POOPING!!! you're going to feel good once you get emptied out!

Stacy said...

I would have loaded up on good food yesterday, too! Happy Birthday, Dean! Happy Off-Day, Sara!

Will you resume a normal diet after your surgery? I WILL be bringing your family a meal, so you better tell me what it is that you can eat!!

Stacy said...

p.s. The best birthday present Dean could ask for would be spending the day with his wonderful, beautiful of course that IS why he took the day off!! :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Well you just have yourself a happy Dean's birthday today. :)
I would have eaten well yesterday myself too. :)

Trish said...

Good thing you loaded up on Carbs'll need it for energy
today and tomorrow!
Tell Dean...Happy Birthday. And have a great day off sweet girl...praying!

Deb said...

....praying for you!!!! :)

Margie said...

so you're starving... are you pooping?