Monday, August 17, 2009

Being A Girl

Been super busy at work and at home lately. I'm all off my groove everywhere! I'd LOOOVVVE a day or two or ten to just be still. I need one of them sabbaticals where you don't talk. So that being said, I've nothing of interest to share so here is a funny but true story for your edification...

When I was expecting Jay there was a woman at our church also expecting her first child. Being mutually pregnant, we had occasion to chat on a regular basis and share the fascinating updates of growing a human being. One day she told me the story of learning what it would mean to "become a woman." You remember those special sessions in fifth or sixth grade when the boys went in one room and the girls in the other to learn about the beauty of puberty? Both this woman and I had been raised in strict Pentecostal homes and were equally naive about the ways of such things. She, however, out-naived even me. I was simply appalled at these legends of menstruation. She decided to leap into action!
Now knowing that this horrible and unthinkable curse was due to descend at any moment, my friend was determined not to be caught unaware. So she went into her mother's bathroom to find a feminine napkin as her plan was to wear it around the clock in preparation for her visitor.
And wear it she did.
Right over her belly button.

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Jada's Gigi said...

ROFLOL!! Too funny! thanks for the giggle.