Monday, August 10, 2009

The Sink

The family room & kitchen has been in progress for a few days now. You know how that works; every room in the house looks like a tornado hit from the displaced stuff. The C.S. Lewis room is full of family room stuff on every surface including a few extra chairs pushed out of the way of Mr. Painter.
The kitchen table was pushed against the cabinets to make more floor space for ladders, tool boxes and such. Ugh. My bedroom seems to be the only refuge! I'm not really complaining. It's exciting to see the work we're doing turning out even better than I'd hoped. Jay came in yesterday and said, "Well, you are finally living in Lucy Ricardo's Connecticut house I see." Yes, I am!
Sunday night I was about to hop in the shower when I decided to clean the bathroom. That usual Friday chore had been bumped down the list in lieu of multiple trips to Lowe's & Home Depot, painting the walls, etc. So not wanting to awaken to a bathroom in need of a scrub-down I got it done. Then I figured, may as well put the kitchen in order. Scrubbed out the sink, wiped down the counters. Went through throwing away all the odds and ends of paper and scraps left by the re-do. So it's all kind of sort of put back together; not really but almost.
As I was scrubbing out my kitchen sink, I thought of Dean's grandmother. A few months ago when the folks were here we visited her 89 year old self, still living in her own home and doing just fine thank you very much. She was fussing around the kitchen after we'd had pizza for dinner scrubbing out her sink and then drying it. She didn't want anyone to help her because, you see, she just got that stainless steel sink last year and she wants to take good care of it! After scrubbing and drying; buffing and polishing the kitchen sink she finally sat down with us to chat. She turned to me and said in her loud, hearing-impaired Missouri drawl; "Sara, now don't you like to take care of your sink? It just makes you feel so good to walk past and see your kitchen sink all shining and pretty."
That touched my heart. The pleasure in a kitchen sink shining and pretty. I don't know that I've ever thought of my sink; bathroom, kitchen or utility; as pretty. But she was right. It was pretty. As her children and grandchildren giggled at her she said, "I don't care, I'm just so proud of that sink."
I figure, if I can take pleasure in a shining and pretty kitchen sink, I'll have my priorities straight. So tonight scrubbing my sink out before heading to the shower instead of feeling tired and cranky I enjoyed every moment.
And you know what? It looked mighty pretty when I was done.

Small grace: Spinach & feta cheese egg white omlette for breakfast.


Louise said...

Your renovation shoulds lovely ... but not quite as lovely as the lady who lives there.

Trish said...

I agree there's nothing like a clean shiny sink...I cleaned all 3 of mine today!!! And I too enjoyed every minute of it!

Jada's Gigi said...

pictures, please!

Mrs. Mac said...

ditto to Jada's Gigi (Cheryl) .. ahem! not Amen