Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Thanks everyone for your support and prayers. I'm sure there will be much about having the folks here that is unexpected but all in all, I know we are making the right decision.
Had a good day at work today. There is a new manager working with me in adult services and I'm really enjoying working with her. She's a good fit with the leadership team and it's making my life loads easier. The only problem is that her name is Natosha which was my nickname (as in Boris and Natasha being that a certain individual believed I was spying and reporting back to our boss. He, of course, being Boris.) I'm finally back to managing just one unit and with the changes in administration I was offered the unit I had always preferred, chronically and pervasively mentally ill adults. The unit I was previously supervising was geriatric and major depression. So I'm happily back amongst the schizophrenic population...right where I belong! My office was moved for the third time but I really like this spot best so far plus my maintenance guys painted it a loverly green just for me. And moving always forces one to get organized so that's a good thing. Tomorrow I'm going in a little later and working over into afternoons to spend some time with the staff on that shift. Once the weekend schedule gets straightened out I might actually stop being utterly exhausted all the time!
Well I just took a drink of Canada Dry and managed to miss my mouth completely. How does that happen? Anyhoo, gonna go change out of my scrubs and run some errands. Hope you're having a great Wednesday!


Pat said...

your wearing scrubs?

Jada's Gigi said...

You miss your mouth when you're looking at the computer screen rather than the glass/bottle etc. lol
Glad your working situation is working out.

Amrita said...

Hi Sara, glad to hear things are going well your way. God is good to us.