Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been on my own blog about half a dozen times since I got home from work feeling like I wanted to post something and having nothing to say. But here I am again and I think on this seventh try I know what I need to say. I need you to pray with me for Dean's mom & dad's move to Michigan.
Our relationship with them was strained in the early years of our marriage and then distant after they moved south. Now in these last several months their needs and our relationship is changing quickly. Where once we were at arm's length and spoke rarely we are now getting several phone calls a week. And in between, we are calling them. Where once they would visit Michigan without telling us they were here, Dean's mom is asking to speak with me about her health and their plans. Dean's dad is deteriorating quickly. He wandered away from the house while she napped and drove to town. He doesn't recognize their home. He is focused on fear of being put "in a home." This would be difficult enough under the best circumstances but Dean's mom isn't well either.
So they've garage saled many of their excess belongings and in the last week of October we will drive to Alabama to bring them home. They'll move into a senior citizen's apartment complex. There are many things that will arise that we aren't prepared for I am sure. In the meantime there are specific needs. Even if you'd just choose one from the list and intercede for God's grace it would be so appreciated.

1. That their home in Alabama would sell before the move.
2. That Dean's dad's Alzheimer's would level out.
3. That Dean's mom's health would stabilize.
4. That I would have wisdom as I try to find them health care.
5. That we would find a wonderful physician to care properly for them.
6. That any fear, depression or anxiety either of them are experiencing would be healed.
7. That we would care for them in love and they would receive it as love.
8. That we would be wise, strong and gracious.
9. That the Lord would send his Holy Spirit to dwell in their new home, that they would feel his presence when they step through the door.
10. That God will be glorified.



Deb said...

I'm praying --specifically for numbers 6,7,8.9 and 10 --just because those are the ones which when I read them, God said, "pray!"

Louise said...

I too will be be praying my precious Thara. This undertaking can be difficult, but also a blessing. And I speak as someone who had to help move her mother-in-law here 10 years ago. For the most part we're 'friends' but she can be challenging at times. It's worth it though, because had she stayed in Kentucky it would have worn us out trying to care for her needs from 400 miles away.
Bless you & Dean for submitting yourselves to the Lord and His will in this.

Constance said...

Certainly I will be praying for all of you. In all of this, make sure you take time for yourselves.

Although I don't have first-hand experience in this, (Dave's dad is back home in Missouri, is frail and in failing health) his brother and his wife are his caregivers. The stress on a marriage is killer! There are support systems out there for your situation and having other people in the same place as you are HAS to be beneficial for your mental and emotional health!


Jada's Gigi said...

I will be praying of course. Trying times, to be faced with the care of our elderly parents when we have only just learned to care for ourselves as our kids have crossed into adulthood. These things I know...I will pray

KayMac said...

Praying for all. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll pray for number 1 as a top priority ... this can be a great stress factor and you don't need stress. Praying for God's peace and grace in the transition for you all. You are a good DIL .. Hugs