Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today I knew when the alarm clock sounded that I would not get everything done. It isn't that I couldn't get everything done. In fact, leaving work yesterday not having gotten everything done I knew good and well I could simply turn around, walk back inside and get everything done. But I didn't. Instead I drove home and ate a Popsicle in the Ricardo Room. I did finish my Popsicle. And that wasn't even on the list.
I also know that I will get things done in an order that only makes sense to me. Were I to be interrogated by the time management police, they would be very irritated with my decisions about what gets pushed aside. For instance, I am going to make soup at some point this week. Veal, tomato broth, fresh basil, brown rice soup. Soup is high on my list. There is also a distinct possibility of grilled Colby Jack cheese sandwiches to go with, fresh tomatoes will go nicely. Lemonade as well.
Some of the paperwork on my desk will be done, this is for certain. In fact, let's say all. All of it will be done by Sunday. I'm working this weekend so I feel confidant that two days without meetings will make this a reasonable task.
On the probable list is finishing some painting in the kitchen and hanging valances on the back door and back window. Ooh, I need to clean out the fridge too. That goes in the "we'll see" column.
The reason that I will absolutely not get everything done is that things without list reservations keep showing up forcing me to shuffle my list. For instance, the bird feeders must be filled today. I had not scheduled that in but there it is. And I realized as I watched my coffee brew that I must choose the arrangement of wall hangings in the Ricardo Room. This is no small task and the only responsible way to go about it is to sit down on the sofa and contemplate the walls for no less than thirty minutes. Wouldn't want my wall hangings to appear uninspired. And I just the other day invented a new arrangement for the throw pillows on my bed. Now I must pause in the hallway several times a day to admire the bed.
Of course, with the Ricardo Room re-do and the C.S. Lewis Room rearrangement, one must spend adequate time in the C.S. Lewis Room enjoying its new vibe. The C.S. Lewis room is understandably perfect for reading and one must never read less than an entire chapter. Unless one is some kind of oaf, which I am not.
I noticed yesterday at work that my nails are the perfect length and shape for a French manicure. There is a slight possibility of multi-tasking ie manicure whilst bird watching but really, wouldn't that interfere with responsible bird watching? You see the dilemma. There are ethics to be considered.
You can clearly see why I cannot possibly get everything done. When it comes down to a French manicure vs. soup making; what is a girl to do?
As the old saying goes...soup will out.

Small grace: Cool mornings.

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The star is about to be delivered...I forgot!