Saturday, August 01, 2009


1. I always dirt devil the hair in the bathroom before I start scrubbing. Bathroom hair: gross.
2. I change bed linens every Thursday or Friday.
3. I do all the laundry every Saturday morning.
4. I dust and vaccum weekly.
5. I only mop the kitchen floor when it's about a month over due.
6. I clean my kitchen every night.
7. I use Clorox Wipes every day in the bathroom.
8. I love Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning wands!
9. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are really magic.
10. I hate dirty dishes in the sink.
Small grace: Up early to watch the sunrise.


Becky said...

1 agree
2 most of the time
3 daily
4 why bother just yet
5 no water on the sub floor
6 yes
7 ran out, on the list
8 haven't try them, still old way
10 agree!
love you!!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

I lost my schedule of things to do when as the kids moved out. Nowadays I
1. really clean the bathroom once every couple of weeks or so...when I can't stand it anymore...but wipe it down every day.
2. Change the bed linens when they don't smell good anymore.
3. Do the laundry on the weekends..mostly.
4.dust and vacuum "as needed"...definitely subjective
5. ditto on the mopping and that will be today.
6. Clean my kitchen every night.
7. Love Clorox Wipes and use them in the kitchen.
8. Love Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner..
9. Love Resolve carpet cleaner and spot clean mine almost weekly.
10. I hate dirty dishes in the sink but not as much as my mom and usually always have at least a glass and some silverware in there no matter how hard I/we try.

Small grace...I have the entire house to myself today

Amrita said...

Very hard working cleaning lady

Mrs. Mac said...

I make my own household cleaners ... mostly from a little liquid soap and baking soda. Newspapers are recycled as window/mirror wipes, never buy Clorox anything .. some germs are necessary to build up a good immune system and antigerm stuff is not good in the septic system. I sometimes wash my hair with baking soda .. then clean the toilet with same .. and then brush my teeth (lol) not always in that order ;)

Deb said...

When are you coming to clean my house?