Saturday, September 05, 2009

1. My hair is fabulous.
2. I'm very happy.
3. I want an orangish/reddish comforter for my bed. Wouldn't that be pretty with my pistachio walls?
4. Today I will paint my copper range hood to match my stainless appliances. Repurpose that!
5. I've lost a few pounds.
6. Long weekend!
7. I'm in love.
8. Boyfriend pants and cardigans are in; t-shirts and yoga pants are out. Just thought you should know.
9. The Mr. has a kink in his back which he blames because Donny slept with us forcing him to sleep, "like a pretzel." We all know that pretzels don't sleep well.
10. Mac says he's getting a haircut today.

1 comment:

Mrs. Mac said...

You are teasing us by talking about your home makeovers and not posting any pics ... WE WANT PICTURES, WE WANT PICTURES ... (said with a fork in each hand at the table while banging;)